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Destination weddings couldn’t get any simpler- from sending out invites to making sure that all your guests are happy until the very last minute, we do it all! The beaches in Goa, the palaces in Jodhpur, the lake in Udaipur, the hills of the North and the cruise liner to Dubai- they all have a natural charm that makes weddings glisten. Being our favorite kinds, we work super hard to make sure that your destination wedding is absolutely perfect. All you have to do is pick the place, and some of India’s finest wedding planners of Wedding Lights Events will do their best to charm your guests off their feet. Other destinations, albeit offbeat, that make for wonderful wedding spots include the Konkani coast, the hills in Coorg, international destinations including Thailand, Mauritius and Pattaya, Jaipur, Lonavla, Kerala and of course Thailand.

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